Coaching with Josh has helped me get better leads, better pricing structures, and even a better workflow.

What I like the most about coaching with him is that he’s not afraid to keep asking questions.

It’s like having a friend that you can talk to at any time that is very diligent about researching topics that matter to a solopreneur and calls on different sources of information to give you an outside opinion.

I’ve found that having a springboard where I can bring questions to Josh and rely on him to come up with creative answers for them and rely on him to ask further questions that clarifies things has been very helpful.

I can check that I’m thinking of different angles so I’m not close-minded and always doing things the same way.

Dennis L.

Coaching with Josh helped me get more clear with what I did specifically to help my target audience.

That led to more focused conversations and sales calls, and one new client. He encouraged me to actually read and finish the Mom Test, which led to at least five customer or prospect interviews for my SaaS app that helped me refine its positioning (and has since quadrupled signups).

I think he was genuinely invested in my success and not trying to work me over. He’s very down to earth and, well… normal. 🙂

There are a lot of factors to me not getting enough sales calls for consulting work, but even so, I noticed a marked improvement in DMs and initial conversations with prospects after the headline/tagline/LinkedIn work we did together.

Kamran A.