Focus on Who’s Next

Focus on who’s next.

Not the distant future. Not the bills you have to pay. Not what you have to do later today.

Just focus on who’s next.

Think about what you might say in your next conversation to help the other person become better than they are.

Prepare yourself and your mind to listen. 

Give yourself a few extra minutes before the conversation to let your mind ease out of whatever you were doing before and ease into the upcoming conversation. 

Focusing on who’s next is another idea from Steve Chandler that I keep coming back to. 

It’s easy to get distracted thinking about the business or other issues of life when I’m getting on a call. 

This philosophy helps me let those thoughts go and just focus on the next person I’m going to be talking to and how I might help them.

I find it helpful to do these steps and to pray asking for God to work good through conversation.

Next time you find yourself going into a call with a million thoughts going through your mind, just focus on who’s next.


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