Silence gives the other person time to think and absorb the information you’ve told them. This is especially true after a label, “It seems like…”, “it sounds like…”, or “it feels like…”

I remember the power of silence with an intervention for a friend who was working 120 hours a week.

I said something and let the silence linger until he replied, “No more hundred hour weeks”.

Which I then mirrored back to him, “No more hundred hour weeks”.

And let the silence linger.

It was a memorable moment.


P.S. Today’s bonus thought is Proverbs 17:28, “Even a fool is considered wise when he is silent.”

There is a time to speak, but it seems like most of the time we would do well to err on the side of silence. 

Unless you’re my quiet cousin, in which case you would do well to talk a little bit more.

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