Reader Feedback: Re: Brainstorming Labels

It seems like I didn’t explain yesterday’s “Brainstorming Labels” concept very well. I got this feedback today:

“I am a little lost/feeling some friction because I don’t have a full grasp of labels yet, and I don’t know what scenario I’m brainstorming labels in. Is it in a conversation with a client? Are there some example labels you might include, or scenarios I might roleplay to come up with some labels? “

  1. You can brainstorm labels for a conversation with a client or a friend, whichever is easier.

  2. Here are some examples of labels you could use in a Why Conversation with a client:

It sounds like you are frustrated with how your current app is working.

It seems like you are tired of hiring people that can’t get the job done.

It feels like there are other people who might need to weigh in to this decision before we can move forward.

If you want to be a little more advanced you can do summaries with labels, like:

It sounds like you want to do this project because you tried having the intern work around the problem and it blew up in your face, you tried to build a tool internally, and it crashes all the time, and if you don’t get something that works, you’ll lose a lot of business.

If you did it well, the client should say something like “That’s Right”, but in their own words.

We’ll talk more about how to practice labels when we introduce the label game tomorrow.


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